Sunday, August 3, 2008

4th Of July!

Talan, Elli, and Berkley with their cousin Hunter posing for the camera :)
Ryder doing something...were not quite sure what.
Elli, Berkely, Abi and Tayla all watching the fireworks.
Abi is in awe!

We decided to take a vacation to Yakima to watch Skyler play in his baseball tournament! It happened to be over the 4th of July weekend so we went to the local fair and watched the fire work show there! It was so much fun!! And an awesome way to spend time with eachother!


Talan Learning to wakeboard
Ryder's first time wakeboarding!!
Talan is getting so good!
My boys!!!They had so much fun on the boat
Berkley getting some help from Aunt Deanna to get started!
All my boys had such a fun time at Moses Lake! They all got up on the wakeboard, some with a little help from Aunt Deanna, and were so excited to be just like there dad!! They were so cute learning.


Tayla and her new friends, Sarah and Kayla!
Tayla and Skyler(her cousin) after they finished making a hat! They went to the same session and somehow got put in the same company! Crazy huh? Their counselors even paired them up without knowing.
This is Tayla with the cafeteria Grandma...Gerty! Gerty was in love with their group and they all signed her Book of Mormon!!

Efy was a wonderful experience for Tayla!! She loved every minute of it. Prior to leaving Tayla was just involved in the church slowly growing but now she is fully committed and learning to find ways to keep that commitment!

Girls Camp

This Tayla with her two friends Cady and Stephanie from our ward!
This is Abi and her best friend Paige!!

Tayla and Abi returned home from girls camp just a little while ago and had a blast. They said they were freezing there booties off the whole time!! Abi jokes that Tayla didn't need clothles cause she wore her blanket all week :) But it was a very great experience for the both of them and they both grew so much in the gospel!