Friday, September 12, 2008

"Can You Believe That I am This Old?"

Yes, it is official! Tayla has her driving permit! So, last night when I was opening the mail and her permit was in there, I went into a state of shock! I took a picture with her and her cute little permit and decided to blog it! Well, shortly after I posted it, I received a friendly email from my friend "downtown Julie Brown" telling me to quickly remove it due to the sickos out there. I was soooo grateful for her email and at the same time, I was horrified that I would do something so absurd!

Anywho~she is driving! Where we live it is a little different than where I grew up. I took driver's ed in school and I don't remember it costing too much. Here, the kids can get their permit when they are 15 ONLY if they are enrolled in a driver's ed course. The average cost for one of these courses is $400. Yes, you did read that right! $400!!! Tayla finds the course pointless and I find it an inconvenience. She attends M-T-W from 6-8 for 5 weeks. She is doing great when she drives. I am very calm. Trever on the other hand gets a little more excited if you can believe that. We have switched rolls.