Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dateless Homecoming!

So, in my day, we would have never dreamed about going to Homecoming without a date! Now a day, the kids just want to go like they were going to a stake dance but all dressed up. There were two "official" dates in this group and the rest were just friends. They had such a great time! Tayla is the one in the light purple dress and white shrug. I think she is so beautiful!
The whole group!
Just the girls!
Tayla made corsages for her friends that were so hideous!
Tosh & Tayla
Jamie & Tayla
Natalie & Tayla
Tosh & Grandma Banker! Tayla's friends LOVE my mom!

They were all blindfolded so they wouldn't know the big surprise!

So, I had to pull an idea out of my head that Tayla would actually go for. Trever actually came up with the idea of doing a 'formal dinner' at Wendy's. So, we had such a great time with this! I actually typed up a one page menu that looked nice. Skyler, Tayla' cousin, was the waiter. He started them all out with drinks and then moved to a salad option and then the main course. We transferred their food to plates and served their drinks to them in nice glasses! So fun!

Tayla and her friend Natalie resorted to tennis shoes by the time dinner was over. Tayla's are the pink shoes she borrowed from Aunt Deanna!