Friday, February 5, 2010

i'm in love, i'm in love & i don't care who knows it!

I love February! I love it! I love it! I love it! I don't even need a box of chocolates or fancy jewelry or fancy dates, I just love that there is a month set aside for me to remember how much I love to LOVE and how good it feels to be LOVED! I always want to do something for Trever to show him how much I love and appreciate all that he does and all the he is, but I stink at thinking of creative fun ways to show that. I know that some people feel pressure to do & be, NOT ME! I just think it is a time to open your heart and FEEL THE LOVE!!

I do want to do a little tribute to Trever even though he NEVER gets on the computer. This is more for me than him, I guess!

I think a list of my top ten favorite things will do, so here it goes!


1) I love that he makes me feel like a woman!
2) I love that he isn't opposed to folding laundry & helping around the house with "my stuff"!
3) I love that he loves his Savior & Heavenly Father!
4) I love that he cares about what makes me happy!
5) I love how protective he is about his children!
6) I love that he would rather be with his kids than play in a church basketball game!
7) I love that he can fix anything!
8) I love how I feel when he walks into a room!
9) I love that he remembers details and all the things I say!