Monday, November 17, 2008

It was just a puzzle!

Well, tonight my little Berkley and I had a chance to do a puzzle. At bed time, I asked him and Ryder to choose a story. Berkley didn't want a story, he wanted a puzzle instead. In my mind, I kind of complained, since I knew a puzzle would require more time! Let me back up and explain my little Berkley. He is probably my most lovable child. He loves routines, hugs, order, kisses, down time, hugs, books, kisses, puzzles, hugs, games, kisses, and for his siblings to not ruin his stuff! This type of personality is not always conducive to a family of 8. It's hard to keep the same routine with teenagers, everything is constantly out of order at some time, down time only exist when you are asleep, and trying to keep your toys sacred with a little brother is virtually impossible. So we try hard to help Berkley stay functional, but frankly, it is a chore!

I read Ryder his books first, since he didn't nap. Then Berkley and I moved on to his puzzle. It was so amazing. That little 5 year old put that puzzle together, corrected my mistakes and stayed focused until the whole puzzle was finished. I was in awe! Then when we finished, he pushed his puzzle against the wall to try to protect it and just sat and stared at his work. He hugged and kissed me so sweetly and then crawled up to bed. I thought to myself, "it only took me a few minutes and I can't believe the results." He was so happy! It was just a puzzle!