Sunday, November 30, 2008

We Love Fancy Nancy!

Mrs. Claus had an idea! Since Fancy Nancy was Mara's favorite book, she thought that each of the kids should own one for their "book library". To make the book more meaningful, Mrs. Claus had Heather, Mara's mommy, sign each of the books. I can't tell you how special it was to watch these kids read what Heather wrote to them. My little Abi just cried. It truly was so special! My favorite part is the very first page when Fancy Nancy shows us a picture of her room before she made it "fancy" and then how it looked all "fancified"! So stinkin' adorable!
Abi, Elli & Tayla with Ryder, Berkley & Talan!
Abi, Elli & Tayla! These girls are so fun! I love watching them grow up! They just seem to grow a little faster than I would like!
This is Abi, Elli & Tayla with Dallis & Lexis. TOO CUTE! Dallis is 22 months and Lexis is 5 months. They are Deanna's girls. We love them!
Here is Ryder, Talan, & Berkley! They wanted footed pajamas soooo bad! Good thing they made the nice list! Mrs. Claus did them right!