Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Troll Under The Bridge

Troll Ave.

Ryder got snatched up by the troll
Tayla, Berkley, and Abi on the top.
All the kids up on top. I was so freaked out. Surprised I even was able to take the picture.

This is the troll that lives under the bridge. Trever found it one day when he was at work with Talan and thought all the kids would enjoy it. Ryder was a little freaked out cause he thought it was real but then didnt want to get off :) It was a very fun day in the end.

Some More Fun Pictures :)

The Ma and Pa
The Children

Day in Seattle

All the kids!!!
The fam :)
Talan's creation with his sea things! Cute huh?
What an awesome view with the space needle and the family...Precious :)
Elli, Abi, and the Old Man.
Donuts are DELICIOUS!
Mom and Ryder calls him.
Basically the cutest girls ever!!
Ryder LOVED it there.
Ryder, Berkley, Talan, Elli by the water.
So for Labor Day weekend instead of going somewhere we decided to take the kids to Alki Beach! Trev and I had a blast there last weekend and thought the kids would enjoy it too!!! We all had so much fun :)