Saturday, September 6, 2008

We Love Mara!

This is Mara and her mom Heather! We love them so much! Mara has a brain tumor in the brain stem called DIPG. It is cancerous and malignant. She was diagnosed last October and has been fighting ever since. Her school designed these shirts and we wanted to have our picture taken with her since she is such an inspiration to us all! Her parents have a beautiful website and have posted a statement about our church and our beliefs. I would encourage anyone who wants to feel the love of the Savior to visit this site. Read "What Mara Has Been Taught." August 31st 2008.
This is Mara and her two younger sisters, Natalie & Katrina. My 3 girls wanted their pictures taken with the Adam's three girls. So, my girls in the purple shirts are (from left to right) Abi, Tayla, & Elli. The Adam's girls are Natalie, Katrina, & Mara.