Wednesday, November 12, 2008


To some of you this might just be another picture of a little boy sleeping. NOT SO AT THE ALFREY HOME! I have to admit that I am one of those moms that could never listen to my babies "cry it out." Therefore, they all just slept in bed with us. Yes, that made for some very creative intimate nights. The worst part is that I have been sleep deprived for years and am just now realizing it! I knew I lacked good sleep, I just never knew how good! So, for the last two nights Ryder has been going to sleep in his bed. I'm not sure if it's the glove that has helped him or what. (ok, i have no idea why he wants to wear a yellow 'glub' and at that, only one?) He hasn't stayed there all night, but it's a start! When we started talking to him about this, he said, "how about dad just stay and watch me sleep." So, Trever puts him & Berkley to bed and Ryder is at least staying in his bed for some amount of time!


The Whites said...

GO RYDER!!! Aunt Deanna loves the GLUB!!!

Lisa Meyer said...

I love it. If it works...why not! He is such a cutie!!