Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Santa's Coming! 9am!

Tayla asked for a boyfriend and world peace! She's something else! She really wants a letterman's jacket but I don't think Santa finds that to be something he can decide on. That particular gift requires too many personal choices. So we'll see what he comes up with!

Abi doesn't know what to ask for since she just buys whatever she wants with her babysitting money! Someone help Santa!

Elli would like unlimited texting. I don't think Santa wants her to grow up that fast! We'll see what he decides in the end! He's holding strong!

Talan asked Santa for "all the spy gear in the world" along with the new ripstick (the one with the metal in the middle so he can "grind"! Good thing Santa is multilingual since his language is hard for even me to understand. Grind? what is that?

Is this not the cutest picture? Berkley asked Santa for a hot wheels set, a bike, new leapster games, a yo-yo, zero gravity car, and the list goes on! So cute!

You can see in this picture Santa is questioning Ryder to make sure he fully understands! He would like a really big choo choo train that goes round and round and is THIS big!
So, I have to admit, I love Christmas! I know the true meaning and I think we do pretty good. We're going to let Santa bring one gift for them this year so that he has some toys to take to the other kids. We told them that Santa would leave a few things in their stocking and we would add to it. There's this part of me that wants Christmas to be so magical! I want Santa to break all of the "rules" that we have decided on as a couple and let him go crazy with those cute kids! They are so fun! I feel so blessed to be THEIR mom! What an honor it is to me!
So tomorrow is our big TURKEY BOWL!!! I better get to bed so I can be on my game! This is serious business!

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Lewis Family said...

I love your Santa post. It's great to see your cute family and how big they are getting! I can't believe it! It looks like things are going well. Such a cute family!