Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ideas for Spring Break?

With Spring Break fast approaching I am searching for some low budget ideas. I feel this desire to do something simple, fun, & cheap! I'm usually not up for road trips due to the cost of fuel, but it seems reasonable and if I didn't have to travel too terribly far then why not? I don't seem to be good at finding something that entertains the "teenagers" and the little kids! So, I'm open to some ideas. I think we need to mix it up a little bit over here. It'll just be me and the kids since Trever will be working! So, let's hear it folks! Spice up my life!


Weiss Family news said...

Hi Dani,
Have you ever heard of "Letterboxing"? It's pretty fun. If you go to you will read all about it. Basically, you have to go on a hunt to find a box that someone has hidden. You bring along a stamp pad because inside the box is usually a stamp that you can then put into a journal of sorts. There are boxes hidden all over Washington (some in Auburn!) and it's fun to find them. We went on a hike to find one and it was quite exciting to find the area that the person who hid it described and then found the small tupperware box hidden in a hole by the roots of a tree (covered by leaves and sticks so as not be discovered). The person who posts the hidden box on the website gives you directions on how to find the box. Cheap fun! You can even hide your own. Some people leave snacks or a juice box in the their box for the next "finder". Not sure how safe that is, but there you go. Hope this helps (and wasn't too confusing)! :) Julie

GammaHaynes said...

For spring break we would go to the Beach cabin my parents have at Westport. Every year it would rain buckets, and we would spend the week inside playing games and watching movies. We finally gave up trying to do spring break at the beach.Good luck. I'm glad I don't have to figure that out anymore.

Good Luck Kim Haynes

Haynsy said...

That was my wife suggesting what I would have suggested.

I didn't mind the rain and the games and the movies.

Get them to watch old Bob Hope movies, the older ones would love it. Give the younger ones sleeping pills.

Lisa Meyer said...

What did you end up doing for Spring Break?