Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pure Relief!

So, the neurologist saw Tayla today and here is what he said. The spots on Tayla's brain are benign. Many people have them, but because they are benign, they don't study those people. So, they just are there and we have no need to worry! All of her other symptoms are from a very severe virus that she had. He said that her body was still recovering from this viral infection and that it sometimes settles in different places in the body causing months of pain. He suspected that it had settled in her neck which was causing the other symptoms such as her headaches, dizziness, & nausea. The spots are not in any way related to her virus. It just so happens that her body started to shut down because she was pushing it too hard, or her parents were pushing her too hard!

We feel so much relief! Tayla feels validated. She thought she was so mentally weak because we kept telling her that in order to progress as an athlete, you sometimes have to push through the uncomfortable times. Good one mom & dad! Every time we said that, she felt like she must be crazy. Now she knows that she is not crazy, but that her parents are! I have learned that the these children are so physically active and that there will have to be more down time. Good lesson to be reminded of!

A big THANKS to all who cared and prayed for her! She felt so much love! It is amazing to see what power Christ like people have when they rally! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love to you all! Dani

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Julie Weiss said...

HURRAY!!! Prayers truly do work miracles. I kept thinking that the ward had suffered so much pain already, especially in your own family, that a miracle was needed for Tayla. I'm so glad it came true. :)